• Clearinghouse

    Love Thy Neighbor screens and validates needs called into the Clearinghouse from church and agency referrals. Due in part to the high cost of living in our area, the volume of calls from those in need in Monmouth County is great. 966 people served through our First Line Call for Help in 2016.

    The Clearinghouse intake and screening process helps to end duplication of services, encourages collaboration between agencies and churches, and ensures churches are good stewards of their finances as well as Good Samaritans. Prayer and spiritual encouragement are offered to each client that calls. In addition, the Clearinghouse acts as a referral source to put clients in touch with any other untapped resources that may be of assistance in their time of need.

    In 2016, Love Thy Neighbor’s Clearinghouse distributed¬†$15,873 in housing assistance as well as $975 in food cards and $3,006 for free beds.¬† A total of $36,519 was spent to help individuals and families in Monmouth County.

    If you would like to reach our Clearinghouse for assistance, please call 732-542-7012 Ext.102.