Wheels Appeal

  • Wheels Appeal

    In Monmouth County, public transportation does not meet the needs of the lower economic households, who solely rely on it to get to and from work. Through the Needs Assessment Survey, the United Way of Monmouth County has identified that the third most crucial need in our county is transportation. The Wheels Appeal Program is designed to help with transportation to the residents of Monmouth County.

    The program has two components:

    Donated used vehicles are received, assessed, and repaired if necessary and appropriate.

    Vehicles are re-donated to qualified applicants in Monmouth County. In 2015, Wheels Appeal gave vehicles worth $1,100 to qualified applicants.

    Many organizations accept car donations. However, Wheels Appeal is one of the few charities in Monmouth County that seeks to re-donate to needy families and individuals some of the vehicles it receives.
    Our Mission Statement is to give safe, reliable vehicles to help restart the lives of needy, responsible Monmouth County residents.

    A law passed in 2004 changed the tax-deduction policy. However, the IRS still allows a fair market value write-off for a vehicle that is donated and re-donated to a needy person.

    If a vehicle is not appropriate for re-donation, the vehicle may be sold. The proceeds are used to repair other vehicles or to support the various outreach programs of Love INC.

    To donate a vehicle or to apply for a used vehicle from the Wheels Appeal Program, please call 732-542-7012, Ext. 3