• Super Storm Sandy

    This storm was huge… so many affected. The overwhelming nature of this has been more than anyone could imagine. The Highlands alone had 1,200 homes flooded with 5 to 8 feet of water. There was so much to do and still more to accomplish.

    What has Love Inc accomplished so far? On March 2nd and 3rd we transported all of our furniture from the “Furnished with Love” store in Long Branch directly to people in need in the Bayshore area. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic Church gave us space in their gym and we helped many people with very inexpensive furniture. We sold furniture in the Highlands 3 times in order to bring help where it was needed. In May, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Manasquan hosted our furniture sale to help those in need in that area as well.

    Love Inc gave out $2,825.00 in Food Gift Cards. This was critical when the storm first hit because food was not readily available. Also we provided $7,565.00 in Rental Assistance to keep families in their homes.

    Love Inc received a $53,000 grant from the Robin Hood foundation to provide Sandy survivors with gift cards to specific stores for appliances, furniture, hot water heaters or furnaces. After application review and approval by our Clearinghouse staff; $1000.00 Gift Cards were distributed to 53 families in need to help them rebuild their lives.

    Love Inc received beautiful handmade Prayer Blankets from Westmont Presbyterian Church in Pennsylvania for sandy survivors. These have been a wonderful comfort for those who have suffered and feel so alone in their dilemma. These blankets provide reassurance that there are others praying for healing and peace.

    After Superstorm Sandy, the Love INC Outreach Ministry became even more critical as we connected with devastated families and individuals who had lost so much. One client, a 76 year old widow, owned a home that was severely damaged by the storm. During our staff visit we were not only able to pray with her but refer her to local churches that helped to repair her home. In addition, Love INC was able to provide a $1000.00 gift card for furniture through a Robin Hood Foundation grant.